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Man City

Il y a mois

The points are shared in the 183rd Manchester Derby.
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Sido Laibi
Sido Laibi Il y a 10 jours
Think's Mahrez
uryu Ishida
uryu Ishida Il y a 16 jours
Well boys the city is red, it's not Qatar here #GGMU
My Power
My Power Il y a mois
Curtis Jones is better than Phil Foden
My Power
My Power Il y a mois
Curtis Jones is better than Phil Foden
Indra Fadillah
Indra Fadillah Il y a mois
sterling's chihuahua hairstyle got deadlock
Nengsih Wahyuni
Nengsih Wahyuni Il y a mois
Nike Ardila
Nike Ardila Il y a mois
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김예준 Il y a mois
Are you guys wanting The 2020 Poland world cup golden ball winner Kangin Lee?
Sandesh Mishra
Sandesh Mishra Il y a mois
We need a finisher
Joseph Mwangi
Joseph Mwangi Il y a mois
Pep's tactics are useless
Logiithan Gunasegaran
Logiithan Gunasegaran Il y a mois
Pep should rotate his team to get more clinical in front of goal I suggest sterling should play as attacking midfielder beside rodri and de bruyne,then pep must put phil foden,ferran torres and kyle walker as attacking 3 for this moment
Benameur Benkablia
Benameur Benkablia Il y a mois
Please See this Video Player from algeria frfix.info/news/mJqz2naCyHqAeGE/vid-o
speak up
speak up Il y a mois
Worst Derby..
Manchester City
Manchester City Il y a mois
Ne zaman gelecek güzel günler manchester city idolümüzsün
Hirsan San
Hirsan San Il y a mois
Ayok MANCITY......KAMU BISA JUARA ..........
Oumsports news
Oumsports news Il y a mois
man city vs west bromwich albion: frfix.info/news/innErXh-y49impw/vid-o
oussama bakalem
oussama bakalem Il y a mois
Mahrez and De bruyne are thé best players in this team
Rafi Parulian
Rafi Parulian Il y a mois
Mancity without aguero = training passing
KANISHK Il y a mois
its becoming frustrating to see a draw and losses for a long time sack pep and get jesus out
KANISHK Il y a mois
its a shame that we couldnt beat a utd team that wins by brunos penalty pep needs to play aguero more jesus out of the squad or else sack pep he hasnt been good from last season itself bring nagelsman in
Sebastian Bissinger
Sebastian Bissinger Il y a mois
Where was Aguero?
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله Il y a mois
Mahrez. Thé best of thé best 💪💪
Nirzs xtry
Nirzs xtry Il y a mois
sterling took his revenge to awb , tb when awb pocketed sterling last derby. now he gave an ankle breaker , kyle walker also took revenge , tb when kean made fun of him telling him thrash car now he pocketed and gave ankle breaker to pogba. but not a good game still vamosssssss
Agent Moyo
Agent Moyo Il y a mois
waste derby ever.... mancity should have done better
sholawat channel MUSIC
sholawat channel MUSIC Il y a mois
Manchester united like
ᗰY Tᑌᗷᕮ
ᗰY Tᑌᗷᕮ Il y a mois
Man city needs messi
Epic Gaming
Epic Gaming Il y a mois
Lol Ken exposed city exposed no aguero no win hahahahah
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings Il y a mois
Sterling - more important to have Hair Style,than Clinical Finishing 😂
Kayl Snow
Kayl Snow Il y a mois
1:06 oh dear oh dear ! XD
1011 Qwe
1011 Qwe Il y a mois
😁🐰🐹🐥🐧🦆🦉🐡🐝🌻🌷😉 frfix.info/news/nImZy6af07CngmE/vid-o
Basaak Vullgokie
Basaak Vullgokie Il y a mois
Pep out
CM2_ Alireza
CM2_ Alireza Il y a mois
Man city ❤
Moha_ DZ______
Moha_ DZ______ Il y a mois
Mahrez, since his arrival at Man City, has become a defender and not an attacker, so if you want to blame him, blame others who cannot score !!!!
AZE_ GAMER-AZG Il y a mois
Both reaaaallly played well
These lads can't Finnish
amine amine
amine amine Il y a mois
و شبيك يا روجي تان تان ترفد يديك كي راطا محرز شيكور السيتي قاع تراطو و بلبزاف جايين تمسحو الموس فيه يا حساد
Silviu Paraschiv
Silviu Paraschiv Il y a mois
I don't know what's going on with Sterling ?? It's like his heart doesn't play anymore
Zuko Tola
Zuko Tola Il y a mois
This match was like a training session. Nobody wanted it enough, City was worse 😒
Sunnyside Mashups
Sunnyside Mashups Il y a mois
Fair game
Sơn Phan
Sơn Phan Il y a mois
Mahrez suck....
Conseiller Anem
Conseiller Anem Il y a mois
PEP Thanks for sowing racism in the team
rafiq pei
rafiq pei Il y a mois
Where is Kun ,,
Conseiller Anem
Conseiller Anem Il y a mois
The hypocrite and racism team 😤 Fuking Hypocrite philosopher PEP.
islam aouam
islam aouam Il y a mois
when i saw the first 15 minute i dicided to go and sleep,i woke up after 3 hours and still the match playing with draw what a boring game
Diego Armando maradonna
Diego Armando maradonna Il y a mois
guardiola is a racist 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Diego Armando maradonna
Diego Armando maradonna Il y a mois
guardiola is a racist 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠👆👆👆😠👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Diego Armando maradonna
Diego Armando maradonna Il y a mois
guardiola is a racist
Geomat Tech
Geomat Tech Il y a mois
jesus is not even the half of aguero
Meron Kifle
Meron Kifle Il y a mois
We need Pogba
Peter Pan
Peter Pan Il y a mois
People moaning at city and how they played obviously have forgotten the fact we've been beat by spurs, Leicester, Lyon and utd twice last year by playing the 'attacking style' and getting caught out on the break. This was a solid performance and a much needed change. The game was dull because utd expected city to press high and then they'd counter and itd play into their hands. it didn't happen.
Stryker Ninja
Stryker Ninja Il y a mois
maguire using his fridge body lol
Mufunwa Mudau
Mufunwa Mudau Il y a mois
Jesus is useless
Donal Galau
Donal Galau Il y a mois
Pep outtttttt
Rafael Torcida
Rafael Torcida Il y a mois
Wow I spent 10 euro to watch bout teams play for draw pep left Sergio not even in the squad he say step but step the step he should be on the bench and play second half he played in CHL and scores he is our best player for me pep is fool for the city fans again we gonna win only the league cup who know one care
c. Larsen.c
c. Larsen.c Il y a mois
how didnt we win this game
Sukhraj Singh
Sukhraj Singh Il y a mois
We should of won but we got west brom on Tuesday
Anirudh Bhattacharya
Anirudh Bhattacharya Il y a mois
This game was so boring, I fell asleep watching the highlights.
Axxess Mundi
Axxess Mundi Il y a mois
Get rid of Jesus or bench him.
Kevin Raichura
Kevin Raichura Il y a mois
Well played City but should have brought Foden in the second half!
Ammar Azmir
Ammar Azmir Il y a mois
Should have been 0-7 CITY
10g _zamy
10g _zamy Il y a mois
Whenever I hear sterling, Titanic music automatically starts playing in my head.😂😂😂
Cristcha Esarehg
Cristcha Esarehg Il y a mois
Shaker Alex
Shaker Alex Il y a mois
How manu chance they will miss? 😑
Dr iswayay
Dr iswayay Il y a mois
Sterling changed his hairstyle and still Wan bissaka recognises him.🤣🤣
RandomGamer17 Il y a mois
@Jean Pierre Papin nah I watched the game Sterling was missing
Jean Pierre Papin
Jean Pierre Papin Il y a mois
@RandomGamer17 broke his ankles tho, passed him like two other times as well 🤣🤣 guess we watched different games you prob only watched the highlights
RandomGamer17 Il y a mois
@Jean Pierre Papin like AWB pocketed him other than that moment
Jean Pierre Papin
Jean Pierre Papin Il y a mois
Like when he broke his ankles in the first half? 🤣
Brandon S
Brandon S Il y a mois
Sterling looked like a girl
Ani Mansion
Ani Mansion Il y a mois
no Aguero no party
jungle top top
jungle top top Il y a mois
When yaya,silva n nasri join city , Manchester United like a 🥜... Also others clubs...
Guyo Boru
Guyo Boru Il y a mois
We Need New striker Someone lyk Harland yesterday game was boring so far pep hate Aguero where 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Salman Khan
Salman Khan Il y a mois
Our front 3 lacks clinical finishing. We get many chances in every matches but hardly we scores.
MD Amine
MD Amine Il y a mois
Good match at the Old Traford .
Dev Nath
Dev Nath Il y a mois
ManCity looked below par tbh. Are the players too tired ?
Hamzy9320 Il y a mois
These type of games make me miss Aguero so so much
We should have won it 2-0
My GoPro Life
My GoPro Life Il y a mois
*Вперед за Ротор!!! Welcome to my channell friends!!*
Joseph ashipala
Joseph ashipala Il y a mois
We were so waste full.....we need our number 10...and new wingers
Solid performance by John Stones 💪
Omed Saed
Omed Saed Il y a mois
Love man city
Nikhil Menezes
Nikhil Menezes Il y a mois
One thing both Manchester United and Manchester city fans here can agree is that this was an awful time waste of a game SO FKN BORING so uncharacteristic of a Manchester derby
yongky kusumo
yongky kusumo Il y a mois
Jesus is good, but not a pure striker that we need
Caden van Nelson
Caden van Nelson Il y a mois
Guys atleast we did not lose derby
Rashid Rokka
Rashid Rokka Il y a mois
Sterling waste product
Susan Sanu
Susan Sanu Il y a mois
Tough match
T.T晶昌日 Il y a mois
藍月亮加油⛽! 大曼城萬歲!!! 💙MC 💙17KDB!!!
Farah Hassan
Farah Hassan Il y a mois
I am a bit disappointed that we didn't win but you tried ur best and you guys even if u didn't win you should be proud of your selves next time please let Phil foden play
Falah Purnama Aji
Falah Purnama Aji Il y a mois
Where aguero? Miss him :(
Arvel Wingsastra
Arvel Wingsastra Il y a mois
Passing mulu
Kalpa Harshana
Kalpa Harshana Il y a mois
Why pep plays a rightback in leftback?? Makes no sense
Mr.X's Lair
Mr.X's Lair Il y a mois
even with only half a squad Liverpool is flying high XD
Mr.X's Lair
Mr.X's Lair Il y a mois
@NVK 23 hmm...u have a point
NVK 23
NVK 23 Il y a mois
@Mr.X's Lair rashford and greenwood have a long way to go, and united have conceded 18 goals this season already,Man Utd aren’t really that far behind, it’s ole that’s making that look further away
Mr.X's Lair
Mr.X's Lair Il y a mois
@NVK 23 having played an extra game...and rashford, greenwood, wan bissaka, maguire, etc. aren't good? I agree ur manager's mediocre but u have gd players tbh
NVK 23
NVK 23 Il y a mois
If you had a better manager managing Man Utd they would be winning the league, even with ole they are only 4 points behind, they don’t even have a proper striker or defence
YNWA FOREVER Il y a mois
Srijith Il y a mois
As a city fan I can say is that city plays the ball slowly. Another disappointed was the wingers. Both mahrez and sterling were awful.
Lord Zaky
Lord Zaky Il y a mois
Sterling was good in the 1st half and Mahrez was the only creative player with KDB idk what you talking abt, Pep made a mistake by subbing Mahrez for Ferran he should have subbed Sterling off cuz he was tired in the 2nd half and that way KDB would still have a creative player with him like Mahrez and a fast winger like Ferran
T Il y a mois
Our frontline is not dangerous anymore. Now no one gets scared of our attackers
Navtej Singh
Navtej Singh Il y a mois
But why is fred smiling in the thumbnail.
D-besh Khadka
D-besh Khadka Il y a mois
Need to replace jesus, he is getting game time but still no results.
Dameion Hall
Dameion Hall Il y a mois
It's funny because everyone is complaining yet they know United is just waiting to counter, a pts away from home with a team not fully healthy isn't a bad thing.
m. a
m. a Il y a mois
Get rid of jesus and sterling. I have been patient enough with these two, especially sterling. Gets paind 300k a week to go and dance around in the box and miss shots, 300k a week for that lol, I dont get how pep is still picking him. This is disappointing, we cant beat any bloody top 6 team, I am scared now to even watch the pl match against liverpool this season, probably gonna get thrashed and see more dance moves from sterling in the box with 0 goals scored and 4 - 5 goals conceded
Abhinav Sahoo
Abhinav Sahoo Il y a mois
Agüero please come back 😢
Adi Junaedi
Adi Junaedi Il y a mois
#NoMendyNoParty, #CanceloNoLeftBack
Hendra Suarez
Hendra Suarez Il y a mois
Mahrez would have kicked it from right leg..
Okacha Bouzidi
Okacha Bouzidi Il y a mois
كرطون و ما يعرفكش
MYF Nation
MYF Nation Il y a mois
Have That
Have That Il y a mois
Why never play B.silva and Foden? Man city could have kill the game in the first half
abinaya vidhata
abinaya vidhata Il y a mois
Madrid derbyyy
abinaya vidhata
abinaya vidhata Il y a mois
Is betterr
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