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Il y a mois

Just before we popped over to Greece, we found time to enjoy the last of the Manchester weather for a few days, preparing for Olympiakos!

About the Official Man City FRfix Channel:

Here you will find all the latest videos from Manchester City, including, all Premier League goals, highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, training and much more.

Get closer to the likes of Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez, Benjamin Mendy and the rest of Pep Guardiola's team.

Zohaib Chaudhri
Zohaib Chaudhri Il y a 22 jours
Now This is a training video. Players looking busy at least. Meanwhile...... at the banter fc training facility, Aubameyang and Willian messing around
Dubem Nnake
Dubem Nnake Il y a mois
can yall post more training vids
danisancess Il y a mois
Dale kuni papa
Aavash Khadka
Aavash Khadka Il y a mois
Variid Official
Variid Official Il y a mois
Pleas give me #subscreb iam fans of man city pleas and pleas #subscreb
Variid Official
Variid Official Il y a mois
Wll adoo mahad san #subscreb iisaar Chennalka
habib bouras
habib bouras Il y a mois
1:57 I do not owe anybody anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
kifin Il y a mois
choufkoora goals
choufkoora goals Il y a mois
Basaksehir vs Manchester Utd Champions League All Goals & Highlights 2020 HD
Mr Skyz
Mr Skyz Il y a mois
City need Haaland next season.. City need young Goal Machine.. If pep stupid not bidding in Haaland pls sack him.. City need spent More to get Serious Clinical STRIKER !!!! Because city have more Creative Midfielder then can create for Haaland!!! and Pep pls chance Style to LONG BALL.. not PASS PASS PASS . and LOSING.. be Like Vincent Kompany , You said Pass He SHoot and Goal and win title .. because of HIm not You PEP !!!! that why he don't join you as Assistant manager..
Dreadlocks Parlor
Dreadlocks Parlor Il y a mois
Let's be honest we have the best defence ever right now Cancelo,Dias Laporte,Walker come on
Tegyu Ah
Tegyu Ah Il y a mois
ㄹㅇ 아게로 없으니 공격 노답임 졷털링 이새끼 덕배 패스받는데 그지랄하는거보면 존나 화나서 쌍욕나온다
Arshavin Ans
Arshavin Ans Il y a mois
Come on city. I love man CITY
mridul kandar
mridul kandar Il y a mois
Improvement needed in goal keeper. Son and lo celso scored by pushing the ball between the legs of ederson!
Muhamad Alatas
Muhamad Alatas Il y a mois
Semangat Manchester City. Go go Kun Aguero. Tim besar harus berjiwa besar. Salam dari INDONESIA .. KEEP STRONG 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
yahia toudert
yahia toudert Il y a mois
Where is Mahrez ya t7a7na
Yunus K
Yunus K Il y a mois
Try JOAO CANCELO as a WINGER in the Premier League. Cancelo has Played as a Winger for Juventus, Cancelo offers More Pace Energy on the Wings than Mahrez Torres Foden and Bernado. - There is too much Pressure on Sterling on the flanks, We need another Fast Energetic player on the other wing, Cancelo can make the Pitch Wider, make Runs in Behind and make us Less Predictable. - Non of Torres Mahrez Foden Bernado want to run in behind or can run in behind. - Look at Top 6 Teams Wingers: Chelsea: Werner, Pulisic, Ziyech, Odoi Liverpool: Mane, Salah, Jota, Shaqiri Spurs: Son, Moura, Bale, Bergwin - Where is Our Pace like Theirs? ------------------ Try For Example 4-3-3: Sterling Jesus Cancelo Bruyne Rodri Bernado Ake Laporte Dias Walker Ederson
hidden world
hidden world Il y a mois
Been a city fan since i was 4 years 🤗🤗🤗hope this year grab the trophy
Alex Smeth
Alex Smeth Il y a mois
0:28 I quit my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Glena Eddy
Glena Eddy Il y a mois
0:17 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
JAHVAUNI Il y a mois
We are going through a rebuilding phase right now and we will be even better than before . What y'all think Champion league this season? I think so
Sherlene Smith
Sherlene Smith Il y a mois
My team
Kaswin faiz
Kaswin faiz Il y a mois
Erling haaland buy for m city ..👍👍👍
Mekel Giosia Evan Tampubolon
Mekel Giosia Evan Tampubolon Il y a mois
Guys keep praying for ManCity because ManCity have to be the winner of UEFA Champion League
your new besti
your new besti Il y a mois
Fernandinio is back 🤩🤩
Maswendix Il y a mois
Play slowly, aguero :o ... we are afraid that you will get hurt
Ravi Chander
Ravi Chander Il y a mois
Don't play the weaker goalkeeper enderson he is the worst goalkeeper in the world
Nadiir Yare official
Nadiir Yare official Il y a mois
This squad missed David Silva and Leroy sané
violet chiduwa
violet chiduwa Il y a mois
mahrez should also step up his game he has been sloppy and selfish lately. If not play ferran or bernado more creating space for GUNDOGAN i feel like he is under appreciated by most fans but he is good just needs the game time
violet chiduwa
violet chiduwa Il y a mois
i feel like its time to give dortmund GJ and top some money and get halaand to help each other with kun. IF messi comes a bonus to us he will play behind.
محمد محمود مبخوت
محمد محمود مبخوت Il y a mois
Sergio aguiro is key for Manchester City.
blue moon
blue moon Il y a mois
Tadesse Muse
Tadesse Muse Il y a mois
i am very sad by man city game at this season
Vinay Chiplunkar
Vinay Chiplunkar Il y a mois
Hope Something New Happens Create Attacking Fierce
sultan alolayan
sultan alolayan Il y a mois
from this vid u can tell that aguero is going to perform really well
lana Il y a mois
بالتوفيقق للححبب اليووم 🥺💙💙💙💙🤟.
Philip Cruz
Philip Cruz Il y a mois
Where's AKE?
Aniket Das
Aniket Das Il y a mois
Messi and Aguero Attack Combination Coming Soon............
mithun sarvesh
mithun sarvesh Il y a mois
Handwork is the only way to over come , not only tactics , shooting, heading , man to man marking for 11 player's are so important , some of the attacking players are sleeping while ball in opposite side . physical strength of some players are very week .
Snakerfy Il y a mois
we must comeback totenham GOOD LUCK CITYY
Anil Karki
Anil Karki Il y a mois
Come on boys we can do it tonight!!
prince Eric
prince Eric Il y a mois
I'm happy to see Fernandino fit
William Thiama
William Thiama Il y a mois
I will always support Manchester city till I died , that's my team .they are among the best team in the world
William Thiama
William Thiama Il y a mois
@Franklin Karani we have to encourage them
Franklin Karani
Franklin Karani Il y a mois
Me too brother 👊
William Thiama
William Thiama Il y a mois
I like when everyone is happy , which is good news aguero is back
Venugopal Deshpande
Venugopal Deshpande Il y a mois
Venugopal Deshpande
Venugopal Deshpande Il y a mois
Hey pep Sign Sancho in steed of Messi because he is young and Messi is old
Vinay Chiplunkar
Vinay Chiplunkar Il y a mois
Instead We Need Erling Halland Grealish also Comes then 🔥🔥🔥🔥
JITHIN LAL Il y a mois
We are greater than this, Win this year UCL , PL & Domestic cups to prove haters wrong
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Il y a mois
Training makes you all perfect.
Dimazzz Ardiansyah
Dimazzz Ardiansyah Il y a mois
Menang cuma lawan club kecil doang lawan spurs kalah :/
zaki hobi
zaki hobi Il y a mois
كرف مام في التدريبات او مايوريوهش
Hinata MC
Hinata MC Il y a mois
سبحان الله ، شفت حتى في التدريبات و مهمش😠
Ifran Ahmed
Ifran Ahmed Il y a mois
Haven't we got all the players who were injured back from injury
Nirzs xtry
Nirzs xtry Il y a mois
aguero is fit and like if ulove meh
God Frenzy
God Frenzy Il y a mois
King Kun 💙💙💙💙💙💙 You love too see it
Hsniysf 18
Hsniysf 18 Il y a mois
Don't sale Aguero!!
Saikat Das
Saikat Das Il y a mois
Why Aguero is not playing in EPL. City is very much dull without Aguero in their attack❓
Que onda Master
Que onda Master Il y a mois
Dale kun
Cielo Magico
Cielo Magico Il y a mois
1:59 I don't owe anybody anymore with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
mohd 9532
mohd 9532 Il y a mois
Meemoh Shukla
Meemoh Shukla Il y a mois
Love you Kevin De Bruyne you are my inspiration
FItt Int
FItt Int Il y a mois
Why U send Useless Mares ...2 play
Lautaro Olivera
Lautaro Olivera Il y a mois
Vamo a juga
Mekel Giosia Evan Tampubolon
Mekel Giosia Evan Tampubolon Il y a mois
Dear ManCity, I trust zinchenko than mendy!
Nanang Adiansyah
Nanang Adiansyah Il y a mois
If axel vitsel for sale, city would prepare
Douglas Asante
Douglas Asante Il y a mois
Jesus Christ is coming soon so repent from your sins and live for him starting today because tomorrow is not promised
Edi Coco
Edi Coco Il y a mois
rotation please🙏🙏
Volly Tarkam
Volly Tarkam Il y a mois
Because messi city down
Siddharth Ray
Siddharth Ray Il y a mois
we're out of the running for the prem... focus ourselves on the champions league This should be our starting lineup: Striker: Jesus LW: Bernado Silva. CF: Aguero RW: Riyad Mahrez CM: Foden. CM: De Bruyne CDM: Rodri LB: Cancelo RB: Walker CB: Dias GK: Ederson Like if you want this lineup
Guessoum Djamel
Guessoum Djamel Il y a mois
Kevin he scare messi move to manchester city that why push mager pep to move grealish from astonvila dint worry kevin messi we goons move to manchester city and he gonna boss
hafid aliwadi
hafid aliwadi Il y a mois
محرز فخر الدكة 😂😂😂😂😂
youcef yettou
youcef yettou Il y a mois
Where is mahrez ?
Adam Koffi
Adam Koffi Il y a mois
This video is very short. It's minutes 😬
Adam Setyo Wibowo
Adam Setyo Wibowo Il y a mois
I hope city win win win and win again. Pray to treble winner. 🔥
nona Ènana
nona Ènana Il y a mois
why players are playing selfishly
TheOne777 Il y a mois
Foden and Torres NEED to START together, when Ake comes back he needs to START at left back because Cancelo isn't good enough.....
Lo ser
Lo ser Il y a mois
Win please
Kapempe wera
Kapempe wera Il y a mois
Semoga dengan fokus di Liga Champion..Man city bisa meraih trophy musim ini ,,Amin ya Rabbil alamin🤲🤲🤲🤲
Freddy Il y a mois
Good luck blues!! ⚽⚽💙
Joshua Ainley Fenton
Joshua Ainley Fenton Il y a mois
That Tottenham game was shocking I can see more then what pep sees I don’t think mharez should play give him some time to get his form back. At the moment he isn’t a team player
Joshua Ainley Fenton
Joshua Ainley Fenton Il y a mois
I’m glad someone agree with me
Joel Ivuso
Joel Ivuso Il y a mois
All we need is consistency, come on guys💙💙💙
Jay Ingham
Jay Ingham Il y a mois
Come On Boys Let’s get a win tomorrow 💙💙💙💙💙
Khaled Zine
Khaled Zine Il y a mois
Vive Mahrez🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿💪💪
Dian Belina
Dian Belina Il y a mois
Mamchester City is the best 💙💙💙
Riyad Mahrez
Riyad Mahrez Il y a mois
Start mahrez
Yacine Bezaiou
Yacine Bezaiou Il y a mois
I think that Man City will not win anything if he continues in this way. For a coach with a weak personality and who does not control his stars, unlike Klopp and Mourinho, who raise the morale of players and in a strict manner, leave selfishness, give all his rights, and exploit stars, unlike Guardiola, to spend money without interest.
T33K4Y Il y a mois
damn aguero looks so laboured when he runs 😔💔
ćháńéĺ taha
ćháńéĺ taha Il y a mois
Racism you have in this team No. 1 I have not seen it before and the mafia gang Hrooz you are the best king of control without a problem 🇩​🇿​​🇩​🇿​🇩​🇿​
DZ POWER Il y a mois
City no win the championnat City win the LDC
Dupe MCFC Il y a mois
By this point we should be training 5 hours for shooting
#ClipsYT T
#ClipsYT T Il y a mois
Can some people sub to me, it will lift my spirits from the 2-0 defeat
#ClipsYT T
#ClipsYT T Il y a mois
If you subscribe to me, then Man City will win their next 5 games
Lord Zaky
Lord Zaky Il y a mois
Jesus, Rodri and Ruben are the only players that are having a good season so far the rest of the team look not motivated, Pep must leave it would be the best option for the team and him
Ifezue Kelvin
Ifezue Kelvin Il y a mois
If u guys like mess up in greece like u did in London
Yacine Tolba
Yacine Tolba Il y a mois
محرز مكانش معاهم راهو خارج القائمة مرة أخرى غوارديولا ولد الكلب
Vicio Il y a mois
Ojo al Tejo
Legend Hamad
Legend Hamad Il y a mois
Legend Hamad
Legend Hamad Il y a mois
So u will play today
T.T晶昌日 Il y a mois
大曼城萬歲! 藍月亮加油⛽!!! 💙💙💙⚽⚽⚽!!!
jeo ASIIS Il y a mois
plz practice how to score goals
Propaganda F
Propaganda F Il y a mois
Pls bench mahrez or sterling
A A Il y a mois
Bench everyone and u play 🤣
なKuroKy Il y a mois
best squad, but never cant reach final
Adam Setyo Wibowo
Adam Setyo Wibowo Il y a mois
Nottt. This is CITYZEN 🔥
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