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Man City

Il y a mois

Raheem Sterling scored the only goal of the game as Manchester City edged Southampton in an entertaining contest to return to winning ways in the Premier League.
Sterling calmly converted from 12-yards after he was expertly picked out by Kevin De Bruyne’s ball across goal in the 16th minute to end City’s two-match winless run.
Pep Guardiola’s side were made to work hard for victory at St Mary’s Stadium, where the home side saw penalty appeals for a Sterling handball rejected by VAR, but another solid defensive display provided the platform for a hard-fought victory against the high flying Saints.
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Abdullah Karaman
Abdullah Karaman Il y a 19 jours
hi i Abdullah Turkey. I'm a Man City fan. He always supports you here and eats to get the uniform of the champion team yum .. But you have no respect for me. The reason I think that is because there are no Turkish subtitles and I am. ingilzicem sucks please help me by putting Turkish subtitles
King Solomon
King Solomon Il y a mois
We fixed the defence - now attach is struggling
طيب طيب الطيواني
طيب طيب الطيواني Il y a mois
روحو تعطو . نقوشة متلعبوش محرز 💝💝
Meme face Potatoes
Meme face Potatoes Il y a mois
Please Raheem, fix your hair.
Owami Morgan
Owami Morgan Il y a mois
I love man city
Bernardinho 50
Bernardinho 50 Il y a mois
Spectacular performance from Manchester City and absolutely deserved victory. It should have been more than 1-0, but unfortunately Manchester City wasn't clinical. Come on City!
Bernardinho 50
Bernardinho 50 Il y a mois
I had incredible satisfaction when Manchester City defeated Southampton.
Amine Sebti
Amine Sebti Il y a mois
WE told you mahhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrreezzzzzz🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿the best of man City 2020 racist gwardyola emergers also sterling you are a dancer ans not player💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
bababoey xà6ï œæœæøø
bababoey xà6ï œæœæøø Il y a 25 jours
praveen kumar
praveen kumar Il y a mois
Rahim's hairstyle is worse than my sister
Josiah Guzman
Josiah Guzman Il y a mois
nonetheless, the guys look a little more confident every game.
Cristcha Esarehg
Cristcha Esarehg Il y a mois
That’s bad
Immanuel Shiweda
Immanuel Shiweda Il y a mois
City have always been the team that scores a ton of goals, but this season,, I dont know what's going on,,they lack consistency in front of the goal
Rekim Abdou
Rekim Abdou Il y a mois
the best in Man money is riyad Mahreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
TT Bryxy
TT Bryxy Il y a mois
My only wish for the year 2021 is that Mahrez leaves this winter. Please leave this team, I don't want to watch it anymore and they are not going to win anything this year.
Jason Statham
Jason Statham Il y a mois
Who is the player of the year . It s mahrez. مول النية يربح
TT Bryxy
TT Bryxy Il y a mois
Mahrez is leaving this team this winter. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. All the great journalists tell you to quit.
TT Bryxy
TT Bryxy Il y a mois
Mahrez is leaving this team this winter. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. All the great journalists tell you to quit.
TaZr Il y a mois
Lfc are better 😂
An Fre Za
An Fre Za Il y a mois
Ali Ked
Ali Ked Il y a mois
Please Mahrez if your decision stills in your hand leave this idiot team. You are wasting your time same for Bernardo.
Somesh roy
Somesh roy Il y a mois
De Bruyne oh 🖒
Aramenet Cyber
Aramenet Cyber Il y a mois
oi, eu joga muita bola!! gosatria de fazer algun teste paa o time.
Sandesh Mishra
Sandesh Mishra Il y a mois
Why Bernardo passes to mahrez he should score alone
Ga Oma
Ga Oma Il y a mois
Sterling ne sera jamais un joueur comme mahrez même tous les anglais soufflent dedans. Mahrez est doué Rahim préfabriqué les anglais perdent leur temps de faire d un cheval de trait un cheval de course mahrez reste mahrez il joue ou non il reste mahrez PEP le sait messi le sait le boss de la FIFA le sait alors arrêté à léser les joueurs de talent.
HW - 05LH 819962 Ruth Thompson MS
HW - 05LH 819962 Ruth Thompson MS Il y a mois
Great win
sir oros the first
sir oros the first Il y a mois
It's funny how fans complained about pep not playing Silva and mahrez last week but now they've changed to complaining about the 2 and their performances
Hasaan Derwaish
Hasaan Derwaish Il y a mois
nebeandmayo nebeandmayo
nebeandmayo nebeandmayo Il y a mois
Thankfully I'm not the only one who mixes up Rodri and Cancelo😂😂😂😂
savvy830 Il y a mois
I think Bernardo passed cause he felt the angle was too acute and somebody at the centre would have a better chance.
Muhammad Ali Abbas Rajput
Muhammad Ali Abbas Rajput Il y a mois
Seriously damn ... we are not actually here...u just keep scrollin
IRHAMILLAH Il y a mois
Manchester city selalu di hati
Rufaro Manjala NZ
Rufaro Manjala NZ Il y a mois
1. We NEED Sergio 2. Does the fact that Sergio's supposed replacement (gab) isn't playing
Amogh Bhurke
Amogh Bhurke Il y a mois
U know we are playing bad when united is above us
Osman Soud
Osman Soud Il y a mois
Wow city the best teme👏👏👏👏
akhilesh Il y a mois
de bruyne one man army
Africa Man City Fans
Africa Man City Fans Il y a mois
frfix.info/news/jKPFlpdvpZCMo3I/vid-o city cant score from corners
Salman Khan
Salman Khan Il y a mois
Sterling is nothing without great midfielders who always feeds him easy tap in goals.
David Massawa
David Massawa Il y a mois
DJ Craey
DJ Craey Il y a mois
Gundogan is looking good going forward, but something we have lacked this season is being more direct and on the front foot, since sane left we haven't been able to replace him
Stephane Il y a mois
Je le voi pas votre riad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 toujours remplaçant 🤣🤣🤣
tofa 23
tofa 23 Il y a mois
الكثير من الفرص الضائعة
Samiti Biti
Samiti Biti Il y a mois
Why phil foden dismised from 11 starting and substitud.
Daniel Mclachlan
Daniel Mclachlan Il y a mois
City have really improved this season. At the start the defence was letting people through and our midfield was weak and our strikers couldn't score. After 13 games into the season the defence is rock solid and the midfield is deadly. I'm sure with a bit of time city will be scoring for fun. So proud of city though 💙💙💙💙
Tkz Lawrence
Tkz Lawrence Il y a mois
KDB n Bernardo Silva can be the greatest duo
حلوان مريم
حلوان مريم Il y a mois
Goirdiola rasist why reyad mehrez no play
leila lili
leila lili Il y a mois
Il faut quitter city Mahrez
Марат Мусаходжаев
Марат Мусаходжаев Il y a mois
Тарч бигуди снял бы бля
Sai Pawiroredjo
Sai Pawiroredjo Il y a mois
City not train enough, thats why maybe...Liverpool and Manu train everyday 3 time one day.Thats why they are on fire..The Club pay them with big money, to play good football and try to bring the PL Trophee home..
Vitus Amenyedor jnr
Vitus Amenyedor jnr Il y a mois
I don’t know how we did not score more than a hol,Bernardo could have had a hat trick,he is no longer confident in himself...Pep best team them how to shoot cos this is just ridiculous,Why would you pass the ball the way to another side when you 5 meters from the gaping post.Madness.
Christopher Mulei
Christopher Mulei Il y a mois
Honestly City should improve their finishing smh🙄🙄
Zeddd Tyang
Zeddd Tyang Il y a mois
We need to improve our finishing
AGUERO IS DEAD frfix.info/news/aKfS2p1vpmt-eXI/vid-o
morgan kanshamba
morgan kanshamba Il y a mois
our best strikers we knw wht happen to u to miss so many chancess
Mahrez! Today you are morally broken, and the malicious Guardiola is on its way to destroy your present and your future ,,,, Is this a philosophy? Ha-ha-ha, donkey philosophy when it smells roses ... and you know the end
Fútbol Méxicano 2021
Fútbol Méxicano 2021 Il y a mois
Porque no contratan a Diego Lainez
Anand Mahesh
Anand Mahesh Il y a mois
I think Mahrez was on Bernando's FPL team. Hence the pass and not the shoot
Nike Ardila
Nike Ardila Il y a mois
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KING GAMES TV DZ 4 Il y a mois
Jhon Truly
Jhon Truly Il y a mois
Thank you my city
Adrian Pavlek
Adrian Pavlek Il y a mois
Manchester city the best
Akhil C Anil
Akhil C Anil Il y a mois
Great defensive work👌🏽💙
Clement Frost
Clement Frost Il y a mois
Lol where are the Mahrez supporters...what a miss !!
Kevin Raichura
Kevin Raichura Il y a mois
A win is a win💪🏼
Achour Ten
Achour Ten Il y a mois
You are the enemies of success for the players, why do you not give Mahrez his right and why do not you talk about others when they are lost, your only concern is attained, but you will achieve it or not you are the best in the team had it not been for the racism of the malicious bald Guardiola
ASU TV Il y a mois
frfix.info/news/iHvbyZ9526JrhaA/vid-o Crazy merit
Iman Aliyev
Iman Aliyev Il y a mois
0:22 LOL
Hamza Il y a mois
Bernardo Ozil
Jason Statham
Jason Statham Il y a mois
Every defeat or stumble they affix it to Mahrez. All other players if they are bad pep give them other opportunities. Like sterling he in 10 opportunities he fail 9and but he play evrey time thats way england have no more players like lampard or gerard or rooney ., but for Mahrez, no. Steps back to the bench. . Man City, welcome to the dustbin of history. Pep also as a destroyer of talent from changing the best player in England into a regular player. Mahrez he is the only player to come to city Who is already have name he was the best player in england and he won the championship with a club of rugby but look how city in what they turned him to.Mahrez he is beauty of football he play a football of street he play brazilian football. Thos player like neymar are rare. Look how united when ronaldo played in but when he left united its not the same the championship to . .Mahrez please Change the destination, and go to a club that respects you and your abilities. Go to juv with ronaldo you will be immortal. With your assist and ronaldo who dont fail. Or go to united then win the championship or tottenham with mourinho he now how to respect great players
Jason Statham
Jason Statham Il y a mois
Mahrez, get out of this club and go to a club that respects your abilities. You came as the best player in England and turn you into the worst player. Every mistake They do it, they say, you are the reason instead of the club Other than the club and God is the provider
TT Bryxy
TT Bryxy Il y a mois
@Henry K. Hill Mahrez, get out of this club and go to a club that respects your abilities. You came as the best player in England and turn you into the worst player. Every mistake They do it, they say, you are the reason instead of the club Other than the club and God is the provider
Alston CHAN
Alston CHAN Il y a mois
The commentators are trash
Özbay Erdağı
Özbay Erdağı Il y a mois
please just score
Ted Yende
Ted Yende Il y a mois
Great win lads , impressive performance but we need to score more goals !!!
Sənan Məmmədov
Sənan Məmmədov Il y a mois
Southampton çox təəsüf ki,bu oyunu uduzdunuz,1-ci hissə fikrimcə zəif oynadınız,2-ci hissə nisbətən yaxşı idiniz ancaq ləng oynayırdınız.Armstrong mənim fikrimcə bu oyunda Cenepo ya nisbətən daha çox fayda verə bilərdi.Gələn tur Fulhemi udub turnir cədvəlində bir az da irəliləmək olar.Sabir Mammadov.
Dicky Saputra
Dicky Saputra Il y a mois
vdb + silva are not focus
kharis ma'mun
kharis ma'mun Il y a mois
where's aguero?
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh Il y a mois
We need dybala
cityzen_kwekajr Il y a mois
Finishing is still a problem to us
Guennich Zizou
Guennich Zizou Il y a mois
You are creazy ,you ans your coach ,you think that sterling is better than MEHREZ? RIAD is the best
Twin Adelio Channel
Twin Adelio Channel Il y a mois
Two Channel frfix.info/news/ZoXRu62pvaZuc4o/vid-o Berapakah Uang Adelia ? Berapakah Uang Adelio ? Dua channel berbeda bagi yg Paham Videonya 🙏🙏😉 Hiburan
Suhraab Wafa
Suhraab Wafa Il y a mois
Abbey Il y a mois
Tinpot club
Richard H
Richard H Il y a mois
Defense cost city last season, strikers and midfielders would cost em this season 💯
P Fortune
P Fortune Il y a mois
@Richard H I hate to say it but I agree. The description sloppy is perfect
Richard H
Richard H Il y a mois
@Peppa Pig * And his kinda sloppy in front of goal now
Peppa Pig *
Peppa Pig * Il y a mois
We rely on kdb too much. I was hoping for kbd to do something for the entire game.
Mimneh Mimneh
Mimneh Mimneh Il y a mois
Another assist by Kevin debryne
Richard H
Richard H Il y a mois
2:05 Imagine how much confidence B silva lack in front of goal 🤦🤦 infact the whole team
Isabella Morra
Isabella Morra Il y a mois
I really think city should have scored more but the 3 points were more important
Richard H
Richard H Il y a mois
Imagine if city was hunting for the winning goal? The is how they would has also wasted all the clear chances they had in this game and end up saying it was a tough game🤦🤦 City players currently lack confidence in front of goal shockingly KDB as well🤕
Big Balls Billy
Big Balls Billy Il y a mois
Just enough oil to slip through
мухамад абдул рохман
мухамад абдул рохман Il y a mois
Should do more goal with these chances 🙄🙄🙄 we cant keep a performance like this
Nim Stev
Nim Stev Il y a mois
fans from cambodia🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭
anshuman sahu
anshuman sahu Il y a mois
The team looks extremely tired and clueless. The midfield creativity has died. The players seem to have become slower as well.
Raphael NK
Raphael NK Il y a mois
Aguero's absence as a great finisher is felt. City had so many chances
clarence chua
clarence chua Il y a mois
I can use that hair to sweep the floor
Rifky Rifky
Rifky Rifky Il y a mois
Manchester city need striker
Vicky potter
Vicky potter Il y a mois
Tooo many chances but one goal man city for u
Aizawa DAL16
Aizawa DAL16 Il y a mois
TheRedsFan 90
TheRedsFan 90 Il y a mois
allez allez allez 7-0
TheRedsFan 90
TheRedsFan 90 Il y a mois
Just a liverpool fan passing to Liverpool 7-0
Nameless Il y a mois
I believe we need a left footed striker
Sukhraj Singh
Sukhraj Singh Il y a mois
Yes great win for the blues
Which World
Which World Il y a mois
Can't believe Man United is better than Man City alots in this season
Dogani Peter
Dogani Peter Il y a mois
Kevin is a great prayer
Night Routine avec Bébé 🌜
Noemie Makeuptouch
Vues 239 k
Night Routine avec Bébé 🌜
Noemie Makeuptouch
Vues 239 k