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Il y a mois

You've named Rúben Dias your Etihad Player of the Month for November! See him answer some questions on himself and his football here!
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Sergio Gomes
Sergio Gomes Il y a 5 jours
Made in Seixal..... with Bernardo....Ederson...Cancelo...
Mini Kim
Mini Kim Il y a 6 jours
This man will be our captain some day. Remember this comment
David Il y a 6 jours
tuga que é tuga gosta de bacalhau à brás
Lemon Lime
Lemon Lime Il y a 10 jours
what is his favorite portuguese dish?
mohamed Jamal
mohamed Jamal Il y a 11 jours
I don’t know what it is about Portuguese player. They don’t need time to adapt. This guy came in and started the first game as if he’s been here for years. Another example Bruno Fernandez for man United. I think we should buy more Portuguese players.
Little Bob
Little Bob Il y a 11 jours
future CAPTAIN!!!!!!
Lukke McIntyre
Lukke McIntyre Il y a 12 jours
Ruben Dias transformed Manchester City!!!💙💙💙
Nick Fox
Nick Fox Il y a 14 jours
What a charming young man, so humble too. Dias has been our best signing over the last 2-3 seasons, his leadership, communication and consistent performances every game have been amazing. He makes other around him better too. Keep it up Ruben and we’ll get trophies at the end of the season.
Rui Pires
Rui Pires Il y a 15 jours
Check David Carmo from Braga. Soon he will pair with Dias in the Portuguese squad as CB
Robert Yangkwon KIM
Robert Yangkwon KIM Il y a 16 jours
best CB...
Abdullah Karaman
Abdullah Karaman Il y a 17 jours
hi i Abdullah Turkey. I'm a Man City fan. He always supports you here and eats to get the uniform of the champion team yum .. But you have no respect for me. The reason I think that is because there are no Turkish subtitles and I am. ingilzicem sucks please help me by putting Turkish subtitles
Just do It
Just do It Il y a 17 jours
Why his English is very good he just sign this season
David Il y a 6 jours
@Reinaldo his girlfriend is portuguese wtf
Reinaldo Il y a 13 jours
because his girlfriend
Prasanta Munda
Prasanta Munda Il y a 18 jours
Defensive leader new king 👑
Avinash Jha
Avinash Jha Il y a 18 jours
What a player
rikidame papang
rikidame papang Il y a 19 jours
He has truly stepped up City's game😎😎😎....Come on City!!!!
Magic Donkey
Magic Donkey Il y a 21 jour
He doesn’t look very excited!
RAVI AHIRWAR Il y a 21 jour
Our future captain👮👮
Anuragkumarmywords Il y a 22 jours
You are amazing
Golden-Joe Osegbe
Golden-Joe Osegbe Il y a 24 jours
Such an amazing personality. So different. I love this guy already. More wins bro
Márcio Osório
Márcio Osório Il y a 25 jours
We miss you Rúben🦅🔴⚪
Ellis Allen
Ellis Allen Il y a 26 jours
Laser 12
Laser 12 Il y a 26 jours
His leadership skills have really pulled us together, we lacked a leader when kompany left
Africa Man City Fans
Africa Man City Fans Il y a 29 jours
frfix.info/news/mHqxq5Vp1Yihj3Y/vid-o Ruben Dias for city
John Stones
John Stones Il y a mois
As much as I am also a good defender, removed from the main team Laporte ...
imranitos Il y a mois
The best defender in the world 💙💙💙
manthreeeight Il y a mois
Its nice to see a Cityzen from my country (Singapore) in the channel
mec tony
mec tony Il y a mois
City raciste o mahrez viva mahrez viva mahrez
cogamers84 Il y a mois
Stonedini and Diasesta
Ailar Kma
Ailar Kma Il y a mois
Stonesta Dialdini*
Favour Gabriel
Favour Gabriel Il y a mois
This guy and stones are💥💥💥voilent in defense
Nsibandos Trading
Nsibandos Trading Il y a mois
You are going to be an iconic player
Ö YGULER Il y a mois
We are ending december you are new publisihing november
Legend Hamad
Legend Hamad Il y a mois
I love Ruben Dias even if he own goal vs a bad tram West Bromwich Albion
Jann Fiete Arp
Jann Fiete Arp Il y a mois
he really transformed that City defense, totally deserved
Ed Holmes
Ed Holmes Il y a mois
this guy is so serious man, he has potential to be one of the best ever centre halfs in the premier league. Stones is incredible on form too, Laporte isn't getting a look in currently! Dias is hands down our best centre back, absolutely adore the guy and he would walk into any defence in the premier league
Propaganda F
Propaganda F Il y a mois
Guess im the only one waiting for pep to try a 3 4 3
Propaganda F
Propaganda F Il y a 28 jours
@Awais Khan yes but it was not a 3 4 3 flat
Awais Khan
Awais Khan Il y a 28 jours
He tried it against Newcastle
Sushant Khadka
Sushant Khadka Il y a mois
Toughest guy who can partner with laporte for a longer city defensive solidity
Ashwin Rao
Ashwin Rao Il y a mois
RD has a great role in central defence and he has nicely led the defence team....He has the qualities of Vincent Kompany which the team missed post his retirement. Ruben Dias is the "o mago de defesa" of City
Pes Mobile Gamer
Pes Mobile Gamer Il y a mois
Best defender in the league.
Shekhar Narwal
Shekhar Narwal Il y a mois
VVD kind of influence! Underrated.
zola1282 Il y a mois
He deserves it no doubt, but personally I think Cancelo deserves it more
Awais Khan
Awais Khan Il y a 28 jours
No this is for November - Cancelo deserves it for December
The Black Wizard
The Black Wizard Il y a mois
kent kulo
kent kulo Il y a mois
Wall of ETIHAD👿
William Thiama
William Thiama Il y a mois
You are among the best defender in the world , dias also have great respect and is not like others
Mikethamanc Il y a mois
Next season this guy will be vice captain mark my words 💪
M. Nguyễn
M. Nguyễn Il y a mois
ruben dias and j.stones is best duo for mancity now. i love laporte too
JiTiAr35 Il y a mois
Thank f*** City bought him instead of overpriced Koulibaly.
þrophecy Il y a mois
Here's to you Ruben Dias 🍻
Andreas Herlyanto
Andreas Herlyanto Il y a mois
Zeded Il y a mois
Our future captain
Fragrance Fantasy
Fragrance Fantasy Il y a mois
You talk abt the player of the month and not the player or the year mahrez !! Unbelievable this is not fair at all very disappointed from the admin of this Chanel 👎 👎 Shame on you you don’t talk abt the Star of the team mahrez
Anything Soccer Pro
Anything Soccer Pro Il y a mois
Check out my FRfix channel where I do soccer reviews, hype videos, and skill videos. ⚽️💙💚 frfix.info/news/rHbGyo2vqKuAmII/vid-o frfix.info/club/rFyCYaZuXMkgp28_vMSlWQ.html
Meawww Il y a mois
김민성 Il y a mois
he is best CB in this season
2D (07) Lee King Long
2D (07) Lee King Long Il y a mois
What happened to his beard
BLACK_PHARAOH22 Il y a mois
Well deserved man ♥
Youcef GANI
Youcef GANI Il y a mois
Mahrez عالم تع ballon
azerqo Il y a mois
he has been a great signing to us !
Lamar Wright
Lamar Wright Il y a mois
You strengthen our defense, nothing but love from the city fans💙💙💙💙 go blues 💙💙💙💯💯💯
Nicolas Cannon
Nicolas Cannon Il y a mois
Stones has also been absolutely fantastic this month, back to his best. We now have 3 awesome CBs
Cuh Il y a mois
Finally replaced Vincent Kompany
Jason Gaskell
Jason Gaskell Il y a mois
Class act so far, the man mountain mr Diaz 💙 CTID onward and upward
Chevy Il y a mois
Lose next match and i going to lose 10 dollers for a bet that i got with my cusin so plis win
Tennyson Kun
Tennyson Kun Il y a mois
Fun fact : Ruben hasn’t scored yet and he has a eye for goal so when he does he’s gonna be 1 of the best in the league ⚽️💙
Reece Mcgregor
Reece Mcgregor Il y a mois
Graet cb highly under rated
Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle Il y a mois
I love this guy but I reckon stones should of got player of the month
Tselmuun Munkhjin
Tselmuun Munkhjin Il y a mois
We love you Ruben! 💙
Pes Mobile Gamer
Pes Mobile Gamer Il y a mois
I have his ft.card on my pes 21 team. Best cb in game for me. Never disappoint. I bench my koulibaly and varane for him.
Rab Nawaz
Rab Nawaz Il y a mois
Love M City
Hrishav Mahajan
Hrishav Mahajan Il y a mois
Deserved it 🔥🔥🔥 What a player
Rob Il y a mois
Should be John Stones. Guess the people who make these videos don’t know football.
Blue Cityzen
Blue Cityzen Il y a mois
Better than Maldini, obviously 👀
Electric2Shock Il y a mois
Every time a fan notes to how massively he has impacted our backline, some rival fan is always in the comments downplaying him. Don't be mad at them, because it was exactly the same when Virgil arrived at Pool. That's how you this lad is special.
Brahim LAHCENE Il y a mois
Where is Robertage from Mahrez? I think he plays in Man City
X-MEN DZ Il y a mois
🇩🇿❤mahrez Manchistr💩
A R Il y a mois
Completely revolutionised our defence💫
Comment Guy
Comment Guy Il y a mois
I see Ruben as our captain in March 2021
Comment Guy
Comment Guy Il y a mois
Better English than Harry Kane
Aizawa DAL16
Aizawa DAL16 Il y a mois
Diaz, Stones, Cancelo, Walker
Tonimeister Il y a mois
What a signing 🔥
kirubel biruk
kirubel biruk Il y a mois
badro anfel
badro anfel Il y a mois
Ryad Ryad Ryad
Viggo Was Taken
Viggo Was Taken Il y a mois
I really regret being disappointed not getting koulibaly cuz this man is insane
cogamers84 Il y a mois
I wanted Dias over Koulibaly. A 23 and a 30 year old
Jehad Alsilami
Jehad Alsilami Il y a mois
@half blood SA¡YĂN:mode he’s happy that we go rupen and regret ever wanting koli over rüpen
half blood SA¡YĂN:mode
half blood SA¡YĂN:mode Il y a mois
Kouli is 29, but Ruben was 23. it's long parmanent service for sured..
Pubg Fan
Pubg Fan Il y a mois
Why not debruyne
Gods child
Gods child Il y a mois
Because he hasn't been the best
Jordan-Brian Sterling
Jordan-Brian Sterling Il y a mois
"Man of Steel"
Jake M
Jake M Il y a mois
Thank you Ruben for being Awesome and Stabilizing our defense!
Abdullahi Mohamed igal
Abdullahi Mohamed igal Il y a mois
He deserved the concrete protection of the stones
Dupe MCFC Il y a mois
Deserve it
blue moon
blue moon Il y a mois
Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks
Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks Il y a mois
Almost January and the November potm video has only just been released? 😂
Assps abd
Assps abd Il y a mois
Oo oO
Oo oO Il y a mois
Beast mentality compete with yourself no one else.
Ahmed Hussen
Ahmed Hussen Il y a mois
Congratulations Dias we feeling now we r solid at back.
Nils Wictorin
Nils Wictorin Il y a mois
What has he done?
First Name
First Name Il y a mois
City have the most solid defence so far -> Least goal conceded, most cleansheets.
john honai
john honai Il y a mois
Sorry Ruben, for me Sterling is the Player of the month because he cleared more ball out of danger than you.🙇‍♂️
LusitanoDeGema Il y a 17 jours
Good one
محمد ياسين
محمد ياسين Il y a mois
روعه أحسنت
Chimney changas
Chimney changas Il y a mois
Laporte x Dias = perfection ✨ 👌 😍
Chimney changas
Chimney changas Il y a 27 jours
@half blood SA¡YĂN:mode But... tbh he has been in great form so who am I to conpl about our great defensive work rate 🤐
Chimney changas
Chimney changas Il y a 29 jours
@half blood SA¡YĂN:mode Stones has been out of form for 3 and a half yrs and for him to come take laportes place just like this is not acceptable.
Chimney changas
Chimney changas Il y a 29 jours
@half blood SA¡YĂN:mode laporte is the reason we did better when dias wasn't here
Chimney changas
Chimney changas Il y a mois
@half blood SA¡YĂN:mode Where's Laporte!!! 😤😤
Chimney changas
Chimney changas Il y a mois
@A4 Come on man why no Laporte ! 😡
AimGame Il y a mois
This man is class
Steeve Cantave
Steeve Cantave Il y a mois
Man City dodged a bullet by not signing Koulibaly. Now, Napoli will be lucky to get 40 M for him. Dias has come in, and I’d say he’s the best pure defender City have had since Kompany. The only thing he needs to improve on is his distribution.
Shaun Fogarty
Shaun Fogarty Il y a mois
Well done Ruben you Deserve it
King modzaki
King modzaki Il y a mois
Man like dias.He is his own idle
Africa Man City Fans
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